soon and before


May 2018 Finnish tour (Helsinki)

June 2018 Finnish tour (Helsinki) Estonian tour (Tallinn)

July 2018 Hungarian tour

August 2018 Austrian tour (Vienna)

August 2018 Performance in Latvia

August 2018 master-classes «International Silence» (Finland)

August 2018 Love about: site-specific project. Finland, art-residency.

September 2018 Birthday performance/installation Happy

October 2018 Austrian tour. Exhibitions: Goddess, Boudoir. Performance

November 2018 Master-class in Helsinki: Russian seasons#1

December 2018 Master-class in Helsinki: Russian seasons#?

December 2018 Italian tour (Latina, Fresh Meat, Rome, Happiness).

December 2018 French tour (L’eglise Neuf, French silence, My wedding french)

January 2019 Austrian tour (Vienna 2days performance master-class Austrian Silence, Finissage:Vernissage:Performance:Goddess:Citizen)

January 2019 Finland, Helsinki, Group exhibition: collages, painting.

January 2019 Summer is Coming! Performance. Finland, Helsinki

February 2019 Boxer: foto-performance. Russia, Moscow

March 2019 Decembrist wife: performance. Finland, Helsinki

March 2019 Outkast: performance. Finland, Helsinki

March 2019 Boxer: foto-performance. Russia. Saint-Petersburg

April 2019 Harassment, actress in a movie by Konstantin Seliverstov, St.Petersburg, Russia

April 2019 L`amour est une chancon: performance. Finland, Helsinki

May 2019 Motherland:performance story. Finland, Helsinki

May 2019 The 3rd colour, MishaLena: performances, Slovo i Telo // Word and Body Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia

June 2019 CTRL 0 performance: Performance Festival in Riga, Latvia

June 2019, Khlebnikov, final part: performance, movieshooting, Austria

June 2019 How to make a Vulva. Look at this Vulva festival. Vienna

July 2019 Being Josef Ka: still performances: photoalbumCollaboration with visual artist Mark Maher. Greece.