May 2018 Finnish tour (Helsinki)

June 2018 Finnish tour (Helsinki) Estonian tour (Tallinn)

July 2018 Hungarian tour

August 2018 Austrian tour (Vienna)

August 2018 Performance in Latvia

August 2018 master-classes “International Silence” (Finland)

August 2018 Love about: site-specific project. Finland, art-residency.

September 2018 Birthday performance/installation Happy

October 2018 Austrian tour. Exhibitions: Goddess, Boudoir. Performance

November 2018 Master-class in Helsinki: Russian seasons#1

December 2018 Master-class in Helsinki: Russian seasons#?

December 2018 Italian tour (Latina, Fresh Meat, Rome, Happiness).

December 2018 French tour (L’eglise Neuf, French silence, My wedding french)

January 2019 Austrian tour (Vienna 2days performance master-class Austrian Silence, Finissage:Vernissage:Performance:Goddess:Citizen)

January 2019 Finland, Helsinki, Group exhibition: collages, painting.

January 2019 Summer is Coming! Performance. Finland, Helsinki

February 2019 Boxer: foto-performance. Russia, Moscow

March 2019 Decembrist wife: performance. Finland, Helsinki

March 2019 Outkast: performance. Finland, Helsinki

March 2019 Boxer: foto-performance. Russia. Saint-Petersburg

April 2019 Harassment, actress in a movie by Konstantin Seliverstov, St.Petersburg, Russia

April 2019 L`amour est une chancon: performance. Finland, Helsinki

May 2019 Motherland:performance story. Finland, Helsinki

May 2019 The 3rd colour, MishaLena: performances, Slovo i Telo // Word and Body Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia

June 2019 CTRL 0 performance: Performance Festival in Riga, Latvia

June 2019, Khlebnikov, final part: performance, movieshooting, Austria

June 2019 How to make a Vulva. Look at this Vulva festival. Vienna

July 2019 Being Josef Ka: still performances: photoalbumCollaboration with visual artist Mark Maher. Greece

August 2019 Playing Yoga: photo/video project: Ladoga Yoga Camp Russia

September 2019 Party 39: Birthday party:Performance: Video installation // Third Space. Helsinki. Finland

October 2019 Broken: offline performance // Moscow Russia

November/December  2019 I am a Gift: performance // Finnanimation. Helsinki. Finland

September 2019

12-15  Gran Gala Aleatorio IX Genova Pegli,Eroico Teatro Ec1 Italy

13 Levels of Motions VII Performance Festival Novgorod Russia (online)

The Numbers Annual Birthday performance Helsinki The Third Space Gallery