Performance artist
Born in Western Siberia, Russia (1980)
Lives and works in Finland
Filmmaking (2005-2010)
University of Culture and Arts
Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
2012-2013 Laboratory of performance art, MOMA, Moscow
2012 Sergey Bratkov classes, Video-art, installation, sculpture, Rodchenko school, Moscow
2011 Marina Abramovich classes, Garage, Moscow
2010 Mark Jenkins classes, ProArte, St. Petersburg
2009- 2010 Contemporary art, School of Curators of Contemporary Art, Institute of a New Man, St. Petersburg
Summer 2018 Golden Hill residency, Finland
Winter 2018 Guslitsa art-residency, performing art, Russia
Winter 2018 Poton theatre residency: performing art/installation, Slovakia
Spring 2017 Pilotenkueche: performing art/istallation/video, Leipzig, Germany
Spring 2017 International Cultural Centre and Artist Residency EARP Erdevik: performing art, Erdevik, Serbia
Fall 2013/2014 WKE residency for dancers: performing art, Vienna
Summer 2012/ 2013 Guslitsa , a residency for artists: performing art, installation, Moscow, Russia
Vantaa Art Museum Artsi, Finland
January 2019 Summer is Coming: Performance, Finland, Helsinki, Arkadia Gallery
January 2019 Vernissage/Finissage: Goddess/Citizen, Austria, Vienne, Gallerie Alfred
October 2018 performance/installation: Goddess, Boudoire // Vienna, performance Golden Dolls in
collaboration with La Musa // G7, Vienna
September 2018 performance Happy Voima Art-gallery // Helsinki
February 2018 La Vie en Rose, performance in collaboration with Sergey Malutin, Sklif
Gallery, Moscow, Russia
January 2018 performances in collaboration with Norbert Stock, Shop Window #1, Shop Window #2,
Vienna, Austria
January 2018 performances in collaboration with La Musa, Vienna, Denkmal Marpe Lanefesch Campus
der Universität Wien, Austria
January 2018 Velimir Chlebnikov project in collaboration with Chris Haderer and Alfred Woschitz,
performance, Vienna, Austria
January 2018 Slovak Silence, performances, Art-Residency Poton Theatre, Slovakia
December 2017 My Winter Butterflies, performance, Rotterdam, John Giskes studio, the Netherlands
December 2017 And Black And White, performance in collaboration with Ella Keijzer and Maarten
Wesselius, Rotterdam, Performance Bar, the Netherlands
December 2017 The Flowers of It, performance in collaboration with Oorcontact, Leiden, the
October 2017 the Eternal House, multimedia project with Norbert Stock, Austria
September 2017 No More Questions, performance/installation in collaboration with Timo Tuhkanen,
Vantaa Art Museum Artsi, Finland
August 2017 Artist is the Answer, performance/installation, Vantaa Art Museum Artsi, Finland
July 2017 the Temple, photo-project in collaboration with Mark Maher (Turkey)
May 2017 performance Far Away as the part of a group performance Solo Picket
(Venice Biennale, Italy)
May 2017 art-residency in Germany (Pilotenchuehe), project Silence 8, performance, video, installation
March 2017 — September 2017 The Black Box#1 — #3 (Vantaan taidemuseo Artsi, Finland)
August 2015 performance La Tierra, Performances Festival Out of Mind (Zaragoza, Spain)