Finissage//Vernissage// Vienna January 2019

the goddess-reel 2: no denoise, a video by chris haderer.
Goddess: Performance: Finissage by josef Ka.
Taken at Kunstraum Ewigkeitsgasse, Vienna, 12/01/2019.…

performance: Josef Ka (RU)
music: Eric Arn (US)
curating: Alfred Woschitz (AU)
photos (exhibition 1): Mark Maher (US)
Photos (Exhibition 2): Chris Haderer (AU)

Performance & Exhibition at Kunstraum Ewigkeitsgasse,
Vernissage 19/10/2018
Goddess: Performance: Finissage 12/01/2019

The Russian Performance Artist JOSEF KA presents
Intercontinental Project

During the summer of 2017, artists Josef Ka and Mark Maher explored remote, seldomvisited ruins of ancient Lycian Civilization along Turkey’s central Mediterranean coast.

Goddess was conceived as a natural extension of Josef Ka’s numerous videodocumented performance art pieces that she has created across various years and countries, most often in problematic public spaces.

For their artistic collaboration they identified specific locations for their photo shoots, which they then revisited to create these “still performances”.

They worked intuitively, yet often with a pre-determined strategy, as Josef Ka explored and inhabited a range of archetypal poses and personas. Without expressly aiming to, these still performances find connection with some of the oldest and most central of human visions: A Goddess in her temple.

photos: Mark Maher (US)
performance: Josef Ka (RU)
music: Eric Arn (US)
curating: Alfred Woschitz (AU)

The finissage of GODDESS was also the vernissage of the exhibition CITIZEN by Josef Ka & Chris Haderer.

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