Sailor`s Heart // last part // Riga 2015

no editing
no sorrow

(small piece of a big piece)

Josef Ka in Sailor`s Heart
Riga Fall 2015
music – Filips Mundukjans
camera – Una Rozenbauma

merci beaucoup to Edgars Šubrovskis
and Kaņepes Kultūras Kaņepes centrs


My performance, Sailor’s Heart, is a very personal artwork with its complex and tangled meanings ultimately rooted in my own complex and wandering heart. I performed the piece on my birthday, October 20th, 2015, at three locations in Latvia’s  capital city, Riga. The performance began in early morning on the seacoast, where I inflated 35 red balloons – one balloon for each of my years. Next, I moved on to a fashionable bohemian gallery where I had invited random musicians to accompany me. In addition, I should mention that I was performing with my dear friend – a dead fish – and I was drinking vodka. And completely misbehaving. The final part of my performance took place in one of the most elegant, cultured venues in Riga. By this time, I had misplaced many of my balloons, and my friend – the fish – had begun to go bad. This last venue was the designated afterparty, where a feeling of death was of course as inevitable and appropriate as the way in which morning’s first light falls on the face of a corpse.


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