100+ // performance by josef ka // italy 2019

Before arriving to the performance festival in Novgorod (Russia) in September 2019, I asked the organisers about the age limits for the event, as currently in Russia there are very strict laws regarding what those under 18 may be exposed to. They answered me back that the youngest audience members allowed would be 12 years old, and they also sent me an enormous stack of papers filled with regulations for my performance. For example: no nudity, no smoking, no general misbehaving etc. Thus it brought me to the idea for the title of my performance 100+. Not to damage anybody’s rules and habits.

In the face of death there are no rules and no restrictions. Nobody in such a moment cares how you look or what’s your costume is about. Your only concern is how not to die. Real art is always partly about looking into the face of death, studying the boundaries of the specific situation, and completely ridding oneself of everything that is fake and useless. This performance was dedicated to those who are not afraid. And to those who were afraid, but faced their fears.

performance by Josef Ka camera Lev Khvostenko italy 2019


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