Josef Ka:

It was Moscow. It was winter. Darkness all around. I arrived from Helsinki to spend some days in Moscow. My artistic friend Sergey Katran advised to visit the big group exhibition at Fabrika. By that time, I was totally bold and desperate. We had found a big glass jar of pickled tomatoes and I found a very good backdrop for a photo. The backdrop turned out to be Aaron’s art. Thus we met. I suggested to Aaron that we make a collaboration of some kind. Two days later, and one day before his departure we met for the second time. We made something strange and beautiful, deep and shallow, terrible and amazing. It took us around 3 hours. By the end I was cold, dirty with some bruises and scratches but totally happy. It was celebration of art and freedom with no borders and prejudices. Just a super short meeting of two artists from different planets. The experience brought two different worlds together and let them shine in a wonderful and weird dance.
[22:43, 24.11.2020]

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