JOSEF KA: 10 years of performance art in Finland: BOOK/INSTALLATION PROJECT


I began making performances more than 15 years ago, in total around 170 of them.
Each performance has been carefully documented with photos, videos and descriptive
texts. Of these performances, more than 80, since 2013, were made in Finland: in
forests, on remote beaches, in small galleries, and in big institutions. I
plan to inventory my archive materials and to present my best and most valuable
performances supported by my texts as well as by the texts of curatorial
professionals and colleagues. The final result will be a professionally designed e-book
and exhibition of the photo and video documentation of these Finnish performances.
Depending upon the space possibilities I plan to show no less than 30 best photos and
videos of my performances. This book, and related exhibition, will offer a fresh look at
the Finnish reality, not only from a contemporary performance point of view but will also
represent a vision of
the country from the perspective of an immigrant (Siberian) artist who grew up under
totally different circumstances and which presents her unique approach and attitude to
the country that has now became her home.

presentation of a digital version 3/4 September 2022

Sauna Gallery // during Konstrundan Open Studio Days

photo: Josef Ka/William Carbajal

Lohja 2017

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